The Hill Collection, A True Treasure Chest

Publication: Couture Look by Jane

Publish Date: May, 2011

Written by Amelia Maddox for Couture Look by Jane Blog

An enchanting array of vintage estate and costume pieces alike, The Hill Collection, focuses on art deco Euro glam served with a side of Audrey Hepburn. A keen seeker - Jamie Hill of Birmingham, Alabama -  travels across the Atlantic several times throughout the year to bring us precious gems of her quest.  I find that her prices are unequivocally reasonable & her knack for jewelry undeniable. Interesting tid-bit:  many of the costume beads are the opus of the former Chanel and Jean Paul Galtier jewelry designer, Camee.  Check out The Hill Collection Facebook page as it contains all of the charm of her bewitching collection.

The Hill Collection & The Laura Ashford Collection
sold at Henhouse Antiques
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