Buying Trips in England

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We found some nice gold teeth to sit on in a swanky hotel.

Mark and Judy sit upon the gold teeth in a London hotel.

You have to be a tourist sometimes.

Lunch with dear friends at their country house.

The Butler's antique shop.

Cookie. The chocolate lab who, I am sure, has an English accent.

This house was built in 1300. Love the house and the owners!!!

Beach at Brighton, England.

Brighton, England.

An old house turned into a bed & breakfast. Gorgeous.

Fairytale view from a bed and breakfast.

Quiet little town in England.

History of architecture in England.


My son's T-rex went traveling with us. Here, he's waiting for the train.

My son's T-rex is saying goodnight to him from England to Alabama.

Church service at Westminster Abbey. T-rex came along too.

Ready for some shopping with these lovely ladies!

Everyone needs a chandelier made out of shoes.

Outside of our favorite restaurant in Notting Hill.

Winding down from our day at our hotel lounge.