About The Hill Collection

The Hill Collection is a hand-picked collection of European vintage jewelry. Among one-of-a-kind, fine pieces of antique jewelry, including everything from the Georgian period to the Art Deco period, you will also find unique vintage costume jewelry signed by designers such as Christian Dior, Chanel, and Miriam Haskell, to name a few. Not to be ignored, tomorrow's treasures can also be found within The Hill Collection. These are pieces of jewelry that are hand made by today's designers with the same technique and care that was used years ago.

Jamie Hill, owner and buyer, travels to Europe to seek out the perfect pieces for the collection. When asked what she looks for in a piece of jewelry, she replied "I'm immediately attracted to all things sparkly, but up close, I want to see that it's handmade and that someone put a lot of thought into it. It's neat to imagine who wore each piece of antique jewelry and what their life was like."

The Hill Collection is sold at Henhouse Antiques, a nationally recognized antique store owned by Barbara Ashford and Judy Hill, in Birmingham, Alabama. Besides jewelry, you will find the most beautiful European antique furniture and accessories. Please stop by the store or visit their website at www.henhouseantiques.com.